Quest for Utopia

Climb to the top!

The Guard Captain (who’s name eludes me) sent some patrolmen to gather you up, as he had a new job for you. They managed to locate Kantam, Amber, and Taniel. Pietr seems to have vanished into thin air when he went to the castle, while Khatiti couldn’t be found.

There was trouble at the outskirts of town, at the tower overlooking the city near the Jarl’s castle. The Captain tasked you with investigating. About a year ago, a rather large earthquake shook the town of Oldendorf, and it took the city many months to recover from the aftermath. The tower was severely damaged, and since no one had lived there in decades, perhaps centuries, no effort was made to repair it. That, and there had been rumors that the tower was magically warded and going near it would vaporize the trespassers. Over the last 2 months, they had sent groups of guards up there to investigate, but only one person had come back, but returned with a not-so-sound mind. A lone adventurer decided to go check it out despite the Captain’s warnings, and he too has not returned.

So, seeing how the party took care of the bandit problem, the Captain turns to you. He wants you to check out the ruined tower to discover the fates of all those who went near.

After being attacked by some feral dogs, Kantam, Amber and Taniel made their way from room to room, climbing the outer walls of the tower as the stairs were blocked with rubble. They fought their way past a giant spider, and was greeted by a rather large bluish colored lizard that gave off a shock that struck Amber, who tossed some food at the other side of the room and quickly made their way to the next room before the creature could return. Upon entering the next room, they were greeted by the horrendous stank of 2 rather young troglodytes, who were quickly dispatched. They then crawled up the sides to the 3rd floor, where they were met by a swarm of bats, who fled when too many of their number were killed by Taniel’s flames.

Adjacent to the bats, they found an altar room dedicated to Faust, the god of magic. Inside, they exchanged blows with a pair of skeletons who were set ablaze by some unknown power. They decided to take a rest on this floor before venturing forth. What lies ahead for our adventurers? Will they find the answer to the question of the missing persons? Or will they become another statistic? Find out next time!



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