Quest for Utopia

That smell's gonna linger

The sun rose above the city, casting a pale morning light that didn’t provide much warmth. As the party awoke, they were surprised to see Khatiti had joined them sometime before dawn. How she knew to climb the wall is anyone’s guess. But there she was. Taniel was a bit worse for wear and didn’t wake with the others, so they decided to go ahead after trying to wake her with no success.

As they continued up the tower, they reached the 4th floor, and were greeted by a slightly flooded room with a rather enormous frog. It was easily dispatched by a backflip kick to the chin from Khatiti, apparently snapping what would pass for the creature’s neck. Rooting around in the room, the party found a statue of an angelic creature made of jade. They then saw a door, and began to wonder what was on the other side. So, they went to see.

And when they opened the door, they were assaulted by a horrendous stank that could only be described as the pit of an outhouse left open to the tropical summer swelter. Mmmmmmmmmmm yummy. Apparently Khatiti must have smelled similar, as the gods awful smell didn’t seem to bother her. Peculiar… Inside the room of stink, they saw some adolescent troglodytes (the source of the wonderful aroma), which the party proceeded to slaughter without pause. Of course, there was a technicality of the troglodytes attacking first, but who’s keeping track? Finding nothing of value in the room, the party decided to investigate the everpresent doors. One led to their old nemesis: rubble-filled staircase. After shaking their fists at it, they went over to the other door. With a push, the door opened…

And the familiar perfume of troglodyte assaulted their canine noses. Again, Khatiti managed to not get sick from the smell. And Kantam decided it might be best to breathe through his mouth instead of his nose. Amber, however, just can’t stand that wonderful smell of troglodyte. Inside this next room, a giant brute of a troglodyte was just standing there all creepy. Why was he alone in this room, just standing there? They didn’t take time to ponder this and immediately ran in all warlike and beat the crap out of the poor guy. He made an attempt at self defense, but was cut down in 12 seconds. They rifled through his personal belongings, and stole a set of keys that opened a chest and a door. They opened the door, and saw a near-naked man with long white hair and a white beard, chained up to the wall. What was going on here?

The party unchained the guy and told him to put some clothes on. They retrieved his gear and he got dressed, thanking them for rescuing him from his torture. He told them why he was there, and that they weren’t quite finished, as there was another smelly lizard man that needed murdering. They climbed the wall yet again, and reached the top of the tower. Another troglodyte, this one being full grown instead of just a child, was staring out across the city, with a small albino crocodile at his feet. Tasskar, the troglodyte leader, noticed the party (now including the old guy, who turns out to be a bard) and told his friend to attack. Kantam became croc food, but was saved thanks to the old man, who for some strange reason was singing about things. Whatever, the singing made the 3 doggies better at wholesale slaughter. Khatiti got off a nice shot and sent a crossbow bolt straight into the trog’s eye, while Amber loosed an arrow into his neck. They finally managed to bring down the trog (who never got close enough to overwhelm them with his pungent stink) after having fire thrown at them. They then proceeded to slaughter his “pet”. The bard thanked them and gave them some money, and ran away. The party stole this troglodyte’s belongings as well as the things he accumulated in his treasure chest.

Upon returning to the city, they expressed interest in purchasing the tower and rebuilding it. The guard captain said he would bring it up with the city government, which could take a bit. You know how governments love to drag their feet. (This will also give me time to obtain the Ultimate Campaign book that comes out later this month which details the cost and such to build a building and such.) The next day, they rudely eavesdropped on someone’s private conversation about some wizards being all strange like wizards are. You know how strange people are who read books all day and don’t go outside much are. Cookoo! They asked about the wizards, and the guy gave a vague description of where they were, and the party went to investigate. And did someone remember to go get Taniel when they left the tower? She’s probably still up there, a bit frightened about being left along in a busted tower who’s occupants wanted her dead.

So, abandoning their friend in the tower of doom, the 3 canine humanoids skipped merrily through the city streets to the wizards’ house. They proceeded to commit the crime of breaking and entering and began to rummage through a stranger’s house. A cookbook decided to snap shut when Kantam looked at it, and they went into the kitchen, presumably to steal some food. There, they found signs of a struggle, which strangely contained stains of tomato sauce. They followed the trail to a bedroom, where an unconscious man was tied up in bed and a tiny winged creature was tearing through some books. What had transpired here? Did they walk into the house of some kinky people? Deciding not to dwell on this, the 3 of them proceeded to slaughter, again. Amber got stabbed by the imp’s stinger, suffering some ability damage from the poison, but immediately shrugged it off. Kantam also got poked, but was more resilient. They poked the devil to death.

They then went to investigate the basement, where they were met by a pastry man thing. They poked it, and were splashed by blazing hot tomato sauce. Khatiti punched and kicked it, and suffered some damage from the pastry-man-thing’s very hot pastry flesh. Did this thing just come out of the oven? They managed to pummel it into pastry goo, and went back up to check on the unconsious man. At this time, a woman walked in on them and was about to call for the guards when she was placated by the party telling her what happened. She decided to overlook the breaking and entering, as well as the theft of her box of potions, and thanked them for saving her hubby. She let them keep the potions, offered to teach Kantam a spell of her’s, and gave them some gold. They then left her house and… fade to black

Climb to the top!

The Guard Captain (who’s name eludes me) sent some patrolmen to gather you up, as he had a new job for you. They managed to locate Kantam, Amber, and Taniel. Pietr seems to have vanished into thin air when he went to the castle, while Khatiti couldn’t be found.

There was trouble at the outskirts of town, at the tower overlooking the city near the Jarl’s castle. The Captain tasked you with investigating. About a year ago, a rather large earthquake shook the town of Oldendorf, and it took the city many months to recover from the aftermath. The tower was severely damaged, and since no one had lived there in decades, perhaps centuries, no effort was made to repair it. That, and there had been rumors that the tower was magically warded and going near it would vaporize the trespassers. Over the last 2 months, they had sent groups of guards up there to investigate, but only one person had come back, but returned with a not-so-sound mind. A lone adventurer decided to go check it out despite the Captain’s warnings, and he too has not returned.

So, seeing how the party took care of the bandit problem, the Captain turns to you. He wants you to check out the ruined tower to discover the fates of all those who went near.

After being attacked by some feral dogs, Kantam, Amber and Taniel made their way from room to room, climbing the outer walls of the tower as the stairs were blocked with rubble. They fought their way past a giant spider, and was greeted by a rather large bluish colored lizard that gave off a shock that struck Amber, who tossed some food at the other side of the room and quickly made their way to the next room before the creature could return. Upon entering the next room, they were greeted by the horrendous stank of 2 rather young troglodytes, who were quickly dispatched. They then crawled up the sides to the 3rd floor, where they were met by a swarm of bats, who fled when too many of their number were killed by Taniel’s flames.

Adjacent to the bats, they found an altar room dedicated to Faust, the god of magic. Inside, they exchanged blows with a pair of skeletons who were set ablaze by some unknown power. They decided to take a rest on this floor before venturing forth. What lies ahead for our adventurers? Will they find the answer to the question of the missing persons? Or will they become another statistic? Find out next time!

So you are in a tavern...

It was a couple hours before lunch, and the not-yet-group was enjoying an early lunch in the Silver Wolverine Inn and Tavern. Amber and Kantam were sitting together at a table, eating some food. Amber eyed Khatiti, who was sitting in the next table over, by herself. Amber waved her over and asked if she wanted to join them, and Khatiti agreed. About a minute later, a human female approached the table of canids and told them she was guided to them by the gods. They were a little skeptical at first, so Taniel showed them her horribly disfigured arms, blackened and burned by the gods.

All the while this is happening, a group of men with not nice expressions tossed the canids some evil eyes, as well as at a group of karhu sitting near the fireplace. Not long after, one of the troublemakers who goes by the nickname of Bubba threw a half-filled mug of ale at Amber, connecting with her as her attention was fully on Taniel. As that mug was flying through the air, another that goes by the nickname of Slick threw a mug at Khatiti, who saw it out of the corner of her eye and managed to dodge it. They then got up and walked menacingly towards the table, while other patrons got up and out of the way.

When they reached the table, tall man in chain and a shield approached the troublemakers and tried to talk them out of the inevitable fight. Slick, who was nearly a foot shorter, said they was gonna have problems, and took a swing at Pieter, but his inebriation hampered his vision and missed. The fight broke out, with Amber shooting Bubba in the shoulder before Khatiti knocked him down. Pieter stabbed Slick in the arm and then slapped him upside the head with the flat of his sword, and he went down. Kantam slammed a magic-imbued mug into the face of the one nicknamed Jargon, while Ulfric’s intoxication somehow kept him from being hit, though he did look to try to get away from the rather large kahani. Not long after the fight started, the city guard burst in and ended the fight, arresting the troublemakers.

The captain, a sergeant named Ralgof, approached the 5 of them, and offered them a job helping out the city. They agreed to find out about a group of bandits that have been attacking trade caravans and barges along the Silver Road. They headed up the road, where they were confronted by a group of travellers coming down from a nearby village to do some shopping. They said that a group of bandits attacked and robbed them about a mile back, and then took one of the paths leading off the road. Pieter thanked them for the information, and the group headed down the path near where the people mentioned.

After about 20 minutes of walking, they managed to find the bandit’s camp, which was surprisingly surrounded by a wooden pallisade, yet even more surprisingly they left the front gate open. Not a very smart move on their part, it turns out. As the group reached the front, an arrow flew through the air and managed to pierce the chain of Pieter’s armor, thus alerting the party of the presence of some bandits.

Kantam was quick to act, and ran up to a man in some robes and stabbed him with his rapier, piercing him pretty good. Taniel healed Pieter after the fighter pulled the arrow from his body, and Amber got a lucky shot off and dropped the bandit who was carrying a shield as her arrow pierced his heart. A man wielding a giant sword rushed those still in the entrance and took a swing at Pieter, who managed to dodge it while stabbing at the man with his sword. The bandit was felled as Khatiti made a flurry of attacks, and connecting with a headbutt, managing to crush the man’s face. Taniel gave a bit more healing, while Pieter crossed swords with the archer. With only the archer alive, their leader appeared from his tent and took a shot at Kantam. Kantam and Pieter managed to take out the archer, while Amber and Khatiti made rather short work of the bandit leader.

The group set up temporary camp for the night within the walls of the bandit’s hideout, and made their way back to town after burning the bodies, bringing some bottles of wine and a drawing of a merchant’s mark with them. They met up with the sergeant and gave him proof of their exploits and were paid for their work. He told them to come back to him tomorrow, as he may have more work for them if they would be interested in helping the city more.

After their fun times, Pieter headed off to the castle to introduce himself to Jarl Volgrin Gundarson; Khatiti went in search of some enlightened brawlers; Taniel went to the commercial district in search of an armorsmith; Kantam retired to his room in the Silver Wolverine to study the spellbook that he obtained from the bandit spellcaster; Amber went off to earn a bit of coin doing some performances, while searching for mention of a local thieves’ guild.


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