Character Creation

The following are the rules for creating a character for the Quest for Utopia campaign set on Xayrax.

  • For ability scores, you roll 4d6 6 times, reroll any 1s, and then place them in any order on your character sheet.
  • You will begin play at level 1.
  • No evil alignment options.
  • You start with the maximum hit points based on your class, plus your Constitution modifier.
  • Add the benefits for taking a level in your favored class (+1 hp or +1 skill rank, or racial alternate)
  • Choose your race
  • Choose your class
  • Choose your 2 traits (traits must be approved, but more than likely will be)
  • Place your skill points into your skills.
  • Choose your feats
  • You start with maximum gold for your class (3d6 x 10 would give you 180 gp) to purchase your equipment

Quality of Life rules
We won’t be tracking some things. Weapon ammunition will effectively be “infinite”, unless they are specific/special types. There will be no need to keep track of food, but you will be required to visit an inn and purchase a meal whenever you enter a town/village/city, as well as each day you remain in the town/village/city.

As for carrying capacity, treat your Strength as 3 points higher than it actually is.

Character Creation

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