The gods and goddesses of Xayrax.

Sumara – god of fire
Medorsina – goddess of water
Kohazar – god of earth
Renari – goddess of air
Kiori – god of shadow
Varis – god of light
Beatha – goddess of life
Ishtar – goddess of death
Luna – goddess of the silver moon, twilight
Celestia – goddess of the golden moon, dawn
Solus – god of the sun, daylight
Immel – god of the stars, dreams, night-time.
Eursus – goddess of spring
No’thus – god of summer
Zephryus – goddess of autumn
Bohrias – god of winter
Faust – god of magic
Saevar – god of nature, wilderness
Manah – god of peace, tranquility
Kyliat – god of money, wealth
Cromistus – goddess of anger, vengeance
Corwyn – god of wild beasts, fae creatures
Caeradwyn – goddess of beauty, truth, hope
Bailey – god of strong drink, raucus gatherings, taverns
Gwydion – god of smithing, merchants, honest commerce
Alton – god of good food and drink
Crowley – god of fear, madness, pain
Simervon – goddess of travel, good fortune
Balihel – goddess of destruction
Kahli – goddess of mental strength, wisdom
Kalima – god of physical strength, courage
Dahlia – goddess of joy, passion, pleasure
Lotus – goddess of love, family
Elgard – god of war, battle
Arkahla – goddess of hunting, archery
Morian – god of music, celebrations
Kadar – god of mischief, trickery, fools
Sekhtezzi – goddess of corruption, politics, nobility, royalty
Baelanther – goddess of honor, protection, guardians
Lamari – goddess of disease, hunger
Demolith – goddess of the harvest

The following are not technically deities, but they have risen to the rank of immortal. When a creature becomes the last of its kind, it becomes immortal due to a safety precaution from when the gods created the planet. While they typically head to another dimension, the more intelligent creatures sometimes decide to remain on Xayrax.

Dragon Immortals
Rosea – immortal amethyst dragon female
Ebony – immortal black dragon female
Lapis – immortal blue dragon male
Tonbac – immortal brass dragon male
Cymbal – immortal bronze dragon female
Cupris – immortal copper dragon male
Quartzia – immortal crystal dragon female
Beryl – immortal emerald dragon male
Lumina – immortal gold dragon female
Verdis – immortal green dragon female
Brimstone – immortal red dragon male
Saffron – immortal sapphire dragon female
Arjis – immortal silver dragon female
Orin – immortal topaz dragon male
Frostbite – immortal white dragon male


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