Koa Hana


LN Metropolis
Corruption +5; Crime +5; Economy +6; Law +8; Lore +8; Society +5
Qualities Academic, government capitol, industrial, massive underground, rabble rousers, prosperous
Danger +15

Government Military
Population 103,462 (62,250 gnomes; 15,519 dwarves; 10,346 humans; 5,173 elves; 5,087 medorsinians; 5,087 other)

Notable NPCSs
High-Lord General Kapua Rotaii (LN male gnome fighter 8)
Army Trainer Paloe Motani (NG male gnome warrior 3/fighter 6)
Head of the Academy Carina Greentree (CG female elf wizard 15)

Base Value 22,400 gp; Purchase Limit 170,000 gp; Spellcasting 9th level
Minor Magic Items almost all; Medium Magic Items 4d4; Major Magic Items 3d4

Koa Hana is a very large metropolis, and is the capitol city of Koristan, located on the southern shore of the massive Wailoa Lake. People walk along the fairly narrow roads that flank either side of the wider waterways, which are usually reserved for the rich or merchants transporting their merchandise from their warehouses. The ground floors of the buildings are typically made of stone, while the upper floors are typically made of wood. Most buildings are two stories tall, but the southern area (furthest from the lakeshore), the buildings are typically 4-5 stories tall. There are three large buildings that dominate the skyline. They are the Academy Arcane, where wizards are taught to harness magic; The High-Lord General’s castle fortress; and the Training Grounds, the massive building where the military is trained.

Koa Hana is home to churches and temples of every known deity, with the ones presiding over military might having the larger following and houses of worship. There is also a massive underground city a few hundred feet below Koa Hana, which is about as large as the city itself. While the upper section is rigid and structured, the underground is completely lawless. The authorities discourage anyone from going down there, and typically disavow any knowledge of its existance, though they typically send a group of new soldiers down there to “bloody” them and make them official soldiers of the Koristani Army.

Koa Hana is the leader in the fairly new steam-powered technology, created by the gnomes who inhabit the country. Factories are everywhere, and the air in the city is oppressively humid. The gnomes of Koa Hana have created steam-powered sentient life, and utilize their new creations in the more heavy lifting. There also are clockwork creations that populate the city: mindless mechanical “beings” created by the gnomes to help with mundane tasks. Massive towers that reach 200 feet into the air are boarding structures for a new form of transportation: the airship. The roads are lined with streetlamps that have continual light spells cast within them, illuminating the streets at night, though the alleys and other side streets are either dark or have lamps spaced further apart.

Koa Hana

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