Planet xayrax


The world of Xayrax is a land of magic and fantasy. It is populated by creatures of many types and sizes. The inhabitants range from the mundane humans to the fey-like elves to the more monstrous cat-like felisids and gnolls. The landscape of the planet is varied as much as the creatures that call it home. Sprawling forests, vast deserts, towering mountains, rolling plains, and even a land set aflame by volcanoes cover the surface. The land is intimately tied to the elements, and the elemental plane spills over into the landscape at certain places.

There are a few things you need to know about the World of Xayrax.
1. The elements play a large part in the world. The elements— Air, Death, Earth, Fire, Life, Light, Shadow, Water —are intimately entwined in the world of Xayrax. There are places in the world where the fabric between the world and the elemental planes are fused, where the elemental plane flows into the material plane. These places are called “Shrines”, and there is a single Shrine for each element located at different areas of the world. Each Shrine holds a portal where the elemental plane and aspects of that plane flow freely.

2. It has been nearly 1000 years since the end of the Great Race War. The largest, longest, and costliest war in recorded history ended a millenia ago, but some of those prejudices and hatreds still linger. The races were pitted against each other, with a few short-lived alliances between the various races. It was the brain-child of a being who hated all sentient life on the planet and wanted all the races eliminated.

3. There is a rather wide selection range for a character. There are 23 playable races in the world, with a number of them being sub-races. There is also a large selection of classes to choose from.

4. Magic is neither scarce nor abundant. While magic isn’t abundant throughout the world, it isn’t as scarce as it is in Lord of the Rings. Most of the rural population is either ignorant of magic or highly distrustful, while the more urban populus is more knowledgeable of magic, though some are still as distrustful as their rural counterparts.

Welcome to the Quest for Utopia campaign set in the world of Xayrax. I hope you enjoy your stay, and have as much fun playing in the world as I did creating it. (Sorry for the bad name, but I have used that name since around 1997 when I first thought up this world, and it has stuck with me since.)

This campaign uses the Pathfinder system for its ruleset. Basically everything you need can be found here. Campaign specific imformation is available on this site, located in the Wiki tab at the top.

Quest for Utopia

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