Askanisori is the homeland of the shongmao subrace of the karhu, as well as humans and renarian. The shongmao are both the ruling class as well as the lowest class, while the humans are low-to-middle class.

Askanisori is an empire, always looking to expand its borders. The land is finely attuned to the element of Air. There are many floating islands throughout the land, with the largest concentration in the Imperial Jade Forest. The royal capitol city of Edos is located on the largest of these islands. The Shrine of Air also floats above the forest.

Geographic Features
Shrine of Air
Imperial Jade Forest
Imperial Waters (river)

Major Settlements
Zerai #2
Edos #3
Shinzai #1
Hurokitan #4

Askanisori is the “obligatory Asian-themed country”.


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