Tanka Makoce

Tanka makoce

Tanka Makoce is the homeland of the humanoid canines, the canids; as well as the beathani.

Tanka Makoce (or “Great Land” in the okwaho dialect), spans from near the equator in the north, to the near southern arctic climate of the south. The Shrine of Life is located near the middle of the Primordial Forest, the oldest and most ancient forest on the planet. Due to the nomadic tribal nature of the canids, there are only 2 settlements.

Tanka Makoce is a land trapped in time. Giant animals roam the plains and stalk the forests (basically, our planet back in the Ice Age).

Geographic Features
Shrine of Life
Primordial Forest (Hutai Kusoke)
Prairie of Fur (Makol un Hi)

Major Settlements
Shunka Oyenke #2
Chikala #1

Tanka Makoce

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